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Iowa Section Recognition Awards

Recognition Awards

Every year, Iowa Section members are encouraged to nominate fellow members and projects for the awards showcased to the right. Nominations are due August 1 and announced and presented at the annual meeting in September. Nomination forms are available in both Microsoft Word format and as an online form below. Please contact Josh Trygstad with any questions about eligibility or the nomination process. Thank you to all of the outstanding past award recipients who are going above and beyond on a daily basis to advance the civil engineering profession.

2021 Iowa Section Nomination Forms

Iowa Section Award

Online Form 

Associate Member of the Year

Online Form

Outstanding Government Civil Engineer

Online Form

Outstanding Civil Engineer

Online Form

Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Achievement

Online Form

Please contact Stephanie Then Hooge if you prefer to submit award nominations using a PDF version of the nomination form. 

Iowa Section Award

Special attention should be granted to the Iowa Section Award as it is the highest award given to an individual by the Iowa Section of ASCE. It is given to an engineer who has made outstanding contributions to his or her profession, public welfare and/or mankind. It is only awarded once every three years and is a high honor. Congratulations Rick Fosse on receiving this distinction and thank you for your service.

Next awarded in 2021.

Past Award Recipients

2018 Rick Fosse

2015 Steve De Vries

2012 Mike Vander Wert

2009 Kenneth Dunker

2006 Don Jordison

2003 Ken Brewer

2000 Stan Ring

1997 Kenneth Bucklin

1994 Sulo Witala

1991 Donald Hattery

1988 Jon Cleasby

Associate Member of the Year

This recognition is awarded annually to member of the Iowa Section of ASCE who:

a. is less than 35 years of age on June 1 of the year of the award

b. and who has been an Associate Member for at least three years

c. and who is judged to have attained significant professional achievement, by the degree to which the candidate has shown:

i. Service to the advancement of the profession

ii. Evidence of technical competence, high character and integrity

iii. Leadership in the development of younger member attitudes towards the profession

iv. Contributions to public service outside of their professional career

v. Other evidence of merit which has advanced the objectives

Past Award Recipients

2019 Ben Cole

2018 Mark Mueller

2017 Gary Novey

2016 Dave Wallace

2015 Lyle Brehm

2014 Scott Larson

2013 Tim Ellis

2012 Gabriel Lee

2011 Jolee Belzung

2010 Christy Van Buskirk

2009 Tom Maze

2008 Roger Schletzbaum

2007 Wilfred Nixon

2006 Tom Stoner

2005 Mark Nahra

2004 Jeb Brewer

2003 Dan Holderness

2002 Jim Grove

2001 Rick Fosse

2000 Royce Fichtner

1999 Lloyd Witte

1998 Jim Hogan

1997 George Sisson

1996 J. Brian Morrissey

1995 Eldo Schornhorst

1994 Donald Linnan

1993 L.D. McMullen

1992 Robert Huber

Outstanding Civil Engineer

Awarded annually to a Member or Fellow (excluding Honorary Members) of the Iowa Section ASCE who is judged to have contributed substantially to the status of the engineering profession by:

a. An established reputation for profession service, with exemplary professional conduct in a specific outstanding instance.

b. Significant and lasting achievement in improving employment conditions under which civil engineers serve in public and private practice.

c. Significant contribution toward improving the professional aspects of civil engineering education.

d. Professional guidance of qualified young people who seek civil engineering as a career; and professional development of young civil engineers in the formative stage of their career.

e. Other evidence of merit by which the candidate has advanced the Society's objectives.

Past Award Recipients

2019 Luis Leon

2018 Chris Bauer

2017 Jason Holdorf

2016 William Eichinger

2015 David Claman

2014 Marlee Walton

2013 Jenifer Bates

2012 Justin Vander Werff

2011 Max Porter

2010 David Moeller

2009 Steve Jones

2008 Phil Larson

2007 Michael Vander Wert

2006 Robert Lentz

2005 Lowell Greimann

2004 Dale Moore

2003 Forrest Holly

2002 Jim Cable

2001 John Calhoun

2000 Jack Mickle

1999 Wallace Sanders

1998 Wayne Paulson

1997 Charles Spicher

1996 Robert Lentfer

1995 Kenneth Brewer

1994 Harrison Kane

1993 Kenneth Bucklin

1992 Rudolph Lubsen

1991 George Sisson

1990 Eldo Schornhorst, Jr.

1989 Dan Branson

Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Achievement

Awarded annually, to both the engineers and owners, for a project built within the geographic limits of the Iowa Section ASCE. Given for the achievement - not to an individual - so that the many engineers who worked on the project are collectively recognized for their contributions.Awarded annually, to both the engineers and ownerAs, for a project built within the geographic limits of the Iowa Section ASCE. Given for the achievement - not to an individual - so that the many engineers who worked on the project are collectively recognized for their contributions.

Past Award Recipients

2019 Gourley Bridge Over the Boone River

2018 Raising the Red Bridge – City of Des Moines & Stanley Consultants

2017 Lake Delhi Dam – Stanley Consultants

2016 Mehaffey Bridge Replacement – Johnson County & VJ Engineering

2015 Davenport West Side Diversion Tunnel - City of Davenport & Stanley Consultants

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